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Dec 5, 2018

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.  

Sounds dramatic, I know, but it's true.  After a 30 year career I am burned out from my job  but am still 329 days away from retirement.  That sounds amazing to people with 20 years to go, but when each shift feels like a year, it doesn't sound all that amazing.  


We all see the Facebook and Instagram posts - think positive, be happy, live the life you want blahblahblah.  It wasn't reality.  Or was it?  My husband and I follow the Wynns [] and if you've ever watched their videos you know they lived in an RV for years before selling it 2 years ago and buying a catamaran [with zero sailing experience] and are currently sailing around the French Polynesia Islands.  

That's a bit of a leap, but they did it.  How?  Ambition and courage and hard work and all that, but something more.  The reason they are able to do what they do is because they support each other 100%.

My husband and I have been married 28 years, our son is grown and recently married.  We've always thought of our family as a partnership. We've been successful in supporting each others dreams and goals.  We started to realize that we really haven't failed at anything we've tried as long as we've done it together. That includes fixing the printer this week. Both of us worked on it for over an hour, reviewing settings, trying different things, thinking it through. It felt good tackling a problem together. 

It was out of ink. 

Log Cabin Fiber Co is the result of the realization that we want to work together, solve problems together, build this business together.  A year of planning, experimenting, talking, researching and replanning has finally brought us to this - the beginning of the next chapter. 

I'm 329* days from retirement, which really feels like 329 days from the beginning of the next chapter, when I can work LCFco full time.  For the next 329 days we'll continue working it along with our jobs, so we aim to post all orders within 7 days for now.  But trust me when I say I'm counting down until Geoff and I can work full time, side by side, living the life we want. 


*subtract one day for each day it's been since posting this...

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