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Sock Bare

OG Sock Yarn

Our Original 80/20 Superwash Merino - a strong and soft 3-ply with a tight twist. 

Sock Bare

Sock Sets

Our OG Sock Yarn paired with a generous contrasting Mini.

Worsted Bare

Worsted Yarn

100% Merino Superwash yarn, 3-ply with a nice twist and amazing feel. 


Kid Silk Mohair

70/30 Mohair/Silk yarn that is so soft with a beautiful halo.  Knit on it's own it's light and airy, and held double with another yarn it offers a fuzzy warmth and soft hug.


Sophie Sock Yarn

A superwash yarn with a beautiful blend of 70% Merino, 20% Cashmere and 10% Nylon 

DK Bare

DK Yarn

100% Merino Superwash yarn, 3-ply with a nice twist and amazing feel.  

Bulky Bare

Bulky Yarn

Crazy soft 80/20 Superwash merino/nylon blend in a soft twist. 

Our Bases and Sets

Our line of quality, locally [to us] spun yarns are available in various weights and fibers.


Currently we list what is on the shelf, ready to ship, and the listings will be updated weekly.  We're looking into offering pre-orders - hopefully soon!  

Right now, each weight has different colourways based on availability, what I've dyed this week and in the case of Sock, more variety because, well, socks.  

I don't have pics of Sophie Sock yet but it's really no hardship to look at my new Granddaughter Sophie.  She's the recipient of most of my knitting lately, and I think you can see why.  The stuffed octopus in the pics was her fathers favourite stuffy many machine washings ago, and now it's one of hers!