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An exciting day for this Yarnie

For any of you yarn lovers out there who are on Ravelry I don't have to explain what the site means to us. It's our encyclopedia of yarns and patterns, it feeds our passion. It's a place to learn and teach, chat [and argue], a place where friendships have been made, knitters and crocheters have been inspired, many have become designers, and I know I am eternally grateful to Jessica and Cassidy for building it all those years ago. I've been a member since 2007 - there are over 9 million members now and I'm number 56,342. I love that!

But if that was 14 years ago so why am I so excited today? Because Ravelry has just accepted Log Cabin Fiber yarns as an addition to their database. I'll be honest, I didn't figure my little business was big enough to be in Ravelry, and I'm not sure why since it's where I go to check out all my favs. However, I decided to ask and now my yarns are in there and apparently a wonderful person already added one of my yarns [what?!?] and maybe it seems no big deal but IT'S A BIG DEAL TO ME!

That's really it. Just wanted to share because while Hobbes [the adorable little guy in the pic who is my sounding board when I'm home alone and need someone to listen] is very excited for me [doesn't he look it?], telling him doesn't have quite the same impact as telling other knitters. He just wants the tv on so he can watch Star Wars.

Thanks for listening [you too Hobbes]. There's a long weekend coming and the weather looks promising, meaning we'll be cutting down dead ash trees and I get to try out my new chainsaw. It's just little because hubby is convinced I'll cut my hand off with a full size one, and I won't admit it to him but he may not be wrong, but I'm pretty pumped about having it. There's lots to get done in a 4 day work week but totally worth it for a long weekend!

Have a great week, love what you're doing and we'll talk soon!

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