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Happy Holidays 2020 style!

We all know it's a weird year - tragic, frustrating, scary, all the emotions. Someone said we're not all in the same boat, but we're all in the same storm and it's so true. My wish for all of you is that you find a way to celebrate family and friends in a way that is satisfying, meaningful and perhaps a bit more special than normal, because if this year needs anything, it's some unique happy memories to override the less than pleasant ones.

We've had a busy couple of months over here - this years Christmas colourways were a success so thank you to everyone who bought them, shared them, liked them. It means so much! I had people email me saying they were looking for new small businesses to support, that they wanted to buy locally, that they were shopping differently this year. It's been heartwarming and exciting to say the least!

I haven't mentioned it much [some may disagree] but hubby and I have a new Granddaughter to celebrate with this year. Our son has been full of surprises the last 3 years - getting engaged to our beautiful daughter-in-law while still in school, getting married at our home 6 months later, while still in school [it was beautiful], buying a house [thankfully waited until he was done school] and the week before moving in, finding out they were expecting their first child. Sophie is now 2 months old and so loved by all of her family and friends. The stuffed octopus she absolutely loves is the same one her father loved when he was her age. It was a bit more vibrant back then, thanks to many spins around the washing machine over the years, but she doesn't care. He makes her laugh!

We're going to continue offering the Christmas colourways until they're gone, although I won't be dyeing anymore [or that's the plan, who knows?]. We'll have a small Boxing Day Sale starting Christmas Day - everything in the Etsy shop will be 10% off for 3 days and despite taking a break we'll be aiming to ship out the next day as we always do. I've also added a couple new items in the last week - Rebel With a Cause Sock Sets and the Soot Christmas set. I'd like to have one more colourway ready for the sale, but if not it'll come in the New Year.

Merry Christmas and happy Holidays to you, your families and loved ones - wishing you all a happy, fulfilling and wool-filled 2021!

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