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Into the Woods

  • Into the Woods came about after a camping trip in Northern Ontario. We were kayaking in the middle of no where, surrounded by trees and water and beaver dams. It's absolutely beautiful and what struck me was that when you look at the forest, you see green. When you look into the forest you see every green. There should really be brown splotches all over it, because in order to look 'into' the forest, you have to climb over the beaver dams, and get covered in mud and beaver poop and black fly bites. Maybe that's a new colourway for the future.


    It is an 80/20 mix of merino wool and nylon for strength and durability, while retaining it's incredible softness.  



     - Sock yarn is 80/20 Merino/nylon superwash hand-dyed fingering weight yarn.  

     - Fingering weight is 100% Merino superwash hand-dyed yarn.

     - Length is approximately 425 yards

     - Weight is approximately 115 grams

     - Yarn is superwash but recommend hand washing, lay flat to dry.

     - Recommend 7-9 st/inch on 2.25mm - 3.25mm needle [2.25mm for socks, 3mm and up for shawls/sweaters]

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