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OG Sock is our Original yarn.  It’s truly amazing - a soft, durable, beautiful in the hand yarn that makes us proud. 


Christmas Mini Sets

  • Sock yarn is 80/20 Merino/nylon superwash super-soft hand-dyed fingering weight yarn with a tight twist of 3 plys.   Our mini sets are 4 coordinating mini skeins which are each 1/3 of a full hank, meaning lots of yardage for socks, colourwork on kids sweaters, cowls, mittens and so much more! Length/weight are approximate. 

    • 140 yards/38 grams x 4
    • Hand wash with wool wash, lay flat to dry.
    • Recommend 7-9 st/inch on 2.25mm - 3.75mm needle [2.25mm for socks, 3mm and up for shawls/sweaters].

    All of our smooshie soft yarn is hand dyed in small batches.  This can cause variances in colourways, so please consider the project you're working on - I recommend alternating skeins every 2 rows on projects using more than one skein.  Monitors can make colours look different than true.  Some colours are very saturated and have a tendancy to release small amounts of dye into the wash water.  Even small amounts can be absorbed into lighter colours. Reds are notorious for this and using warm or hot water will make it worse.  Please don't soak items of multi-colours - hand wash and change water if water becomes discoloured. 

    We are happy to produce more of any colourway you need - give us a bit of time and we’ll make it happen. 

    Cowl pictured no included with minis.  If you want to make one, the pattern is Leftover City Cowl by Kacey Herlihy and is available on  The mini set is enough on it's own to do the way I did, or add other leftovers to make it bigger and unique!

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