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Natural Undyed Mohair - Bare mohair has a silvery white silk strand with a soft white halo and is perfect as a companion to any lighter colourway or on it's own for a classy, signature piece.  

Natural Undyed - Kid Mohair/Silk Lace Weight Yarn

  • Our Mohair yarn is 70% Kid Mohair and 30% Silk for a strong but incredibly soft and fuzzy yarn that is light as air on it’s own and perfect for holding double with another yarn for a soft hug.  It’s natural warmth means hats and mitts can be warm without the weight of heavier yarns. 


    • Center strand of silk plied with Mohair for a wide halo 
    • 470yds/430m per 50g hank
    • Hand-wash, lay flat to dry
    • Needle size varies as this yarn can be used at almost any gauge

    All of our smooshie soft yarn is hand dyed in small batches.  This can cause variances in colourways, so please consider the project you're working on - I recommend alternating skeins every 2 rows on projects using more than one skein.  Monitors can make colours look different than true.  Some colours are very saturated and have a tendency to release small amounts of dye into the wash water.  Even small amounts can be absorbed into lighter colours. Reds are notorious for this and using warm or hot water will make it worse.  Please don't soak items of multi-colours - hand wash and change water if water becomes discoloured.  

    We are happy to produce more of any colourway you need - give us a bit of time and we’ll make it happen. 

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