Phil Wash Basin

Phil Wash Basin
  • The Phil Basin made by Soak Wash is a bright, flexible basin that is perfect for soaking delicate items.  Phil offers a safe haven for dyeing yarns and fibres and soaking finished pieces as he has no sharp edges to snag.  I use mine to scour yarns prior to dyeing - Phil can hold 6 x 115g hanks easily.  He's fade and UV resistant, food safe and is graded on the inside from 1 to 14 litres.  The handles make it easy to fill in the sink then move to the counter for soaking.  Phil is flexible, so while he's easy to move, he will well, flex.  However, this also makes him able to mold to your sink if he's a generous round basin and your sink isn't.  


    Plus your fibres will just be happier, being guarded and pampered in such a nice basin!

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