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Soak Products

** We only sell Soak for pick up due to Canada Post costs. If you put this in your cart for a shipped order we will reimburse and it will not be included in your order. We are sorry about this! **


You put a lot of time and effort into knitting beautiful items and they deserve to be looked after!  Soak wash is a gentle, no rinse wash designed specifically for your washables.  While I've been known to throw socks in the wash with regular laundry soap, I always hand wash sweaters, shawl and hand-knit blankets with wool wash then lay them flat to dry.  I use it for hand-made quilts as well!  

We currently carry various sizes of Soak Wool Wash, including individual packets in case you need them for travel or want to try it out. These packets are also a great way to decide what your favourite scent is!  We also have the amazing Phil basins, which I love for hand washing, soaking yarn before dyeing and sometimes for carrying stuff around the house.  I can imagine using these in the garden as well - they're tough as can be and clean up easy peasy.  

Time spent caring for your beautiful hand knits is time well spent. 

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